Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MDCSF Photography - How to make a Diaper Bike with Curious George

How to make your own diaper bike like the one MDCSF made below:

Items Needed:
·         Diapers (size 1) for this cake but you can make that decision depending on size you’re trying to capture.
·         ¼” ribbon (we used left over holiday ribbons)
·         1” or larger ribbon
·         Double sided tape
·         2 baby blanket
·         Pair of baby socks
·         3 bibs
·         3 – 9oz short/small baby bottles
·         8” or 10” round baking pan or pot
·         2 wood dowels cut to the width spacing of the two rear tires
·         Total time: 1.5hrs

Let the fun begin:  
Step 1:  Place diapers inside pan in a circular pattern.
Step 2:  Place one 9oz baby bottle in the middle of pan
Step 3:  Use ¼” ribbon and tie diapers and bottle together to form the wheel
Step 4:  Use 1” ribbon or larger and wrap the wheel and use double sided tape to attach the two ends together
Step 5:  Repeat steps 1-4 to make one more rear tire
Step 6:  Make the front wheel by repeating the steps above with the exception of no bottle in the middle
Step 7:  Insert the two wood dowels at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock in between the two rear wheel
Step 8:  Fold one baby blanket until it’s approximately 2” wide
Step 9:  Insert the folded blanket thru the center of the front wheel and make it even on both ends and wrap it around the two wood dowels on the rear wheel.
Step 10:  Place one bib on the front tire
Step 11:  Fold second baby blanket the same as the first one and insert thru the center of the front wheel and make it even on both ends
Step 12:  Place 3rd baby bottle on top of front wheel and tie the second baby blanket using the 1” ribbon to hold the bottle in place
Step 13:  Bend the two ends outward and place baby socks over the ends to act as a handle bar grip
Step 14:  If you made it this far, then you can add any finishing touches to personalize it to your needs. 

Have fun and congratulations!